Monday, July 27, 2009

Aim #4 - Beginning an online selling business this July 25,2009

by jomar hilario

think you'll be joining the AIM #4 this coming Saturday, July 25, 1pm - 6pm at the Robinson's Pioneer Mall. Why? After the AIM #3 (Topic:Wordpress) this afternoon-attended by 3 super motivated guys - Paul, Elvin and Dave, I got inspired to create a new AIM- one centered on online selling so I can quickly help you earn more online -not just by using blogs.

Remember: AIM stands for Advanced Internet Marketing mini-workshops. It covers topics not covered in the Live 14 hour Workshops- the small things, the complex things and the in-depth things that you'll need to know if you're ready to hit it big online.

Requirement: You should have at least a WORKING blog before you attend this. This is not designed for first timers on the internet. We will not be helping you press Control-V or Cut and Paste in this workshop. It's assumed you know what this means.

1. Coming up with your online product to sell based on your own life. (workshop) This topic is not offered by ANYONE I know- here or in the rest of the internet marketing world.

2. Setting up your own sales letter (we'll make sales letters in this workshop). Find out how easy it is to create one. Here's the secret - there's a program you can use to make a sales letter. You get a FREE COPY of the program if you attend AIM #4.

3. The blue print of selling online using free services to keep costs to a minimum. (yes, there's a free way and a paid way-I'll show you the free way).

Plus to expand your mindset so you can be succesful:
1. 25 books you need to be reading NOW TO SUCCEED and why
2. How to read the 25 books without actually reading OR BUYING them. (hehe, yes, it's an online cheat that doesn't involve piracy or stealing)
3. The tricks successful people do to encourage themselves to succeed in their goals.

Plus, answers to the following pressing questions:
1. How come jomar, just by looking at a blog, you can tell if it's earning? What's the "secret"?
2. How can I be sure that the topic I'm blogging about will really earn me money? (note: if you attended the recent July workshops, you know the answer to this)
3. How long should it take before I can see money in my blogs?
4. Can you really earn online w/o doing seminars or workshops? Or is all the money in workshops and events?

Bonus: (If we have time)
You'll see videos of other NEWBIES -first time sellers- people (non-Pinoy for the moment) being interviewed on the specifics of how they sold their (non-internet marketing ebook) product online -and how much they are earning.

See you on Saturday, 1pm-5pm. Email me with your CELLPHONE number to confirm your attendance.
Fee is P 2350 for each person. (avail of it while it's this affordable, most internet marketing experts charge the opposite (very high) for small face to face encounters).

Plus --->You keep the workshop presentation PDFs (digital materials).
Plus --->You get a copy of the Sales Letter Creation Program (value $ 97)

Bring money for food and endless iced tea or endless chocolate drinks.

Now live a remarkable life!

Jomar Hilario

P.S. Come saturday 1pm-5pm is the AIM mini-workshop designed around Online Selling. Reply with your cellphone number if you're coming.

P.S. Note: This is not the same material covered by the upcoming Workshops in Cubao,Davao or CDO. This is more advanced.

Jomar Hilario

1408 Jade Tower, Rosewood Pointe,
Taguig City
Metro Manila, NCR

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