Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Internet Marketing Workshop by Jomar Hilario - July 11-12, 2008

Internet Marketing Workshop conducted by Jomar Hilario last July 11-12, 2008 @ the EGG Netopia, G/F Entertainment Mall, Mall of Asia, Pasay City was a hit and really a great experience.

Yes it's true you'll get what he promised:
  • set up a system to earn US dollars online - semi passively
  • duplicate this system so you can earn more - and faster - from your home
  • set it up so you only need to maintain it for as less frequent as once a month
  • set up another system to earn even more using client lists
  • and more
Now I'm eager to fulfill the dream of earning dollars through the internet.

Thanks Jomar for that wonderful workshop ... You're a blessing to us !!!