Friday, July 17, 2009

Have a question for Jomar on Internet Marketing?

Do you have a question for Jomar on Internet Marketing?

Many people want to know more details about blogging and earning money online. My request is that if you're one of those, please DO NOT YM or email me the question (unless you're a Club member or my contracted client). Instead, please register to and post your question to the relevant FORUM in that site - it's free.

I want to be able to help other people get MY ANSWER to YOUR QUESTION -and not just you. This is to benefit ALL who have questions.

Of course if you're my contracted client, email is fine - this also applies to the Online Workshop Club members, though I always ask them to write down their questions in the Club website so more club members can benefit.

Now if you HAVE a question, I invite you to go to the FORUM section of -and help yourself to the free information given by ME and OTHERS who have a little more expertise in the topic. The stuff there are invaluable. - and FREE.

Of course if you want FULL DETAILED answers and STEP BY STEP graphical guides, you're looking for the Internet Marketing Workshop Club - the online club that contains even more than the live workshops. To join the club, just click here.

Now, YOU be remarkable!
Jomar Hilario

P.S. Questions for jomar must be sent to or lets meet in Cebu or Manila or CDO or Davao.

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