Thursday, February 16, 2012

What the Work at Home Seminar is NOT About

 Just sharing the letter of my mentor Jomar Hilario......

Not an MLM oppurtunity meeting. This is not networking. You're not
going to recruit any one or sell products.

2. Not a business oppurtunity meeting. You're not going to hear of ROI
and percentages. You're not going to invest in some business you have
only heard in one day.

3. Not a job fair. Job fairs are for employees. Virtual Assistants use
the internet for most anything, including "job hunts". However , most
wanna be virtual assistants can't land an online job precisely because
they do it wrong. In the seminar, you'll know how to do it right,

4. Not a boring seminar.  Like most people, you want to be entertained
while attending seminars. That's also my opinion. I too want to be
entertained during any event I attend -even serious business seminars.
 Seminars we conduct are never boring.  This is not a stand up
comedian event also, we do not use green jokes or any jokes for that
matter.  People just like to enjoy themselves in our events.

5. Not a hunger strike. We'll take care of both two snacks and your
lunch for you.

6. Not a hotel event where you have to dress nice. Our venue is a
resort like location in Manila. Come as you are. However the venue is
airconditioned so bring a light sweater if you are sensitive to cold.
You cannot, however swim, though there's a pool nearby. Our schedule
is packed so every moment we'll need your attention.

7. Not a scam. The seminar is rich with useful information, we do not
have a "one time" registration fee after the event. Only the seminar
fee. After the event, you can become a virtual assistant without
paying us anything more. The seminar is not "bitin". It has spawned
many work at home virtual assistants.

8. Not spoonfeeding. My other events are spoon-feeding- giving you
everything you need including what to click and where. The VA seminar
is not this. The seminar ends with a challenge and a list of things
for you to do.

9. You're not going to be left behind after the seminar. Every
participant will be invited to an exclusive Facebook Group of previous
participants who will be your emotional, virtual and technical support
team while you're working to get hired online.  I'm supposing you
haven't attended an event that takes care of it's participants this

10. It's not all about getting an online work only. It's about
success, it's about becoming a better person. It's about living a
marvelous life.

So now that you know what the How To Work From Home as a Virtual
Assistant is not about, reach for the mouse and click on this link: to DOWNLOAD the VA seminar so you can
experience it from the comfort of your own home.

But if you can be in Manila on Feb 18, this Saturday, click here and join us. BPI Deposits are welcome too, via BPI Savings Account/ 3216-3898-62 / Jose Mario R Hilario then fill up the details here: then email

Rate today until Friday is P 2975.  Walk-ins pay P 3975, so decide quickly if you want a better life or not.

Now live a marvelous life,
Jomar Hilario

P.S. It's not about "work", it's about getting more time for a better
life. Click here to join us ONLINE -- or LIVE --

Jomar Hilario

1408 Jade Tower, Rosewood Pointe,

Taguig City
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Monday, July 27, 2009

Aim #4 - Beginning an online selling business this July 25,2009

by jomar hilario

think you'll be joining the AIM #4 this coming Saturday, July 25, 1pm - 6pm at the Robinson's Pioneer Mall. Why? After the AIM #3 (Topic:Wordpress) this afternoon-attended by 3 super motivated guys - Paul, Elvin and Dave, I got inspired to create a new AIM- one centered on online selling so I can quickly help you earn more online -not just by using blogs.

Remember: AIM stands for Advanced Internet Marketing mini-workshops. It covers topics not covered in the Live 14 hour Workshops- the small things, the complex things and the in-depth things that you'll need to know if you're ready to hit it big online.

Requirement: You should have at least a WORKING blog before you attend this. This is not designed for first timers on the internet. We will not be helping you press Control-V or Cut and Paste in this workshop. It's assumed you know what this means.

1. Coming up with your online product to sell based on your own life. (workshop) This topic is not offered by ANYONE I know- here or in the rest of the internet marketing world.

2. Setting up your own sales letter (we'll make sales letters in this workshop). Find out how easy it is to create one. Here's the secret - there's a program you can use to make a sales letter. You get a FREE COPY of the program if you attend AIM #4.

3. The blue print of selling online using free services to keep costs to a minimum. (yes, there's a free way and a paid way-I'll show you the free way).

Plus to expand your mindset so you can be succesful:
1. 25 books you need to be reading NOW TO SUCCEED and why
2. How to read the 25 books without actually reading OR BUYING them. (hehe, yes, it's an online cheat that doesn't involve piracy or stealing)
3. The tricks successful people do to encourage themselves to succeed in their goals.

Plus, answers to the following pressing questions:
1. How come jomar, just by looking at a blog, you can tell if it's earning? What's the "secret"?
2. How can I be sure that the topic I'm blogging about will really earn me money? (note: if you attended the recent July workshops, you know the answer to this)
3. How long should it take before I can see money in my blogs?
4. Can you really earn online w/o doing seminars or workshops? Or is all the money in workshops and events?

Bonus: (If we have time)
You'll see videos of other NEWBIES -first time sellers- people (non-Pinoy for the moment) being interviewed on the specifics of how they sold their (non-internet marketing ebook) product online -and how much they are earning.

See you on Saturday, 1pm-5pm. Email me with your CELLPHONE number to confirm your attendance.
Fee is P 2350 for each person. (avail of it while it's this affordable, most internet marketing experts charge the opposite (very high) for small face to face encounters).

Plus --->You keep the workshop presentation PDFs (digital materials).
Plus --->You get a copy of the Sales Letter Creation Program (value $ 97)

Bring money for food and endless iced tea or endless chocolate drinks.

Now live a remarkable life!

Jomar Hilario

P.S. Come saturday 1pm-5pm is the AIM mini-workshop designed around Online Selling. Reply with your cellphone number if you're coming.

P.S. Note: This is not the same material covered by the upcoming Workshops in Cubao,Davao or CDO. This is more advanced.

Jomar Hilario

1408 Jade Tower, Rosewood Pointe,
Taguig City
Metro Manila, NCR

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Jomar's Vacation Experience

Jomar Sharing His Vacation Experience......

We just came from a 4 day vacation in Boracay. It's a wonder that ALL my friends said "ENJOY YOUR VACATION" when I mentioned it -instead of saying "Nakaka-inggit". There is hope for all of us then. Vacations must be self-determined -that has been our policy since we started serial travelling four years ago. Not dictated by company policy or availability of someone who can take over your job. Yes it was hard to ask permission from the boss but we still push through with the vacation knowing that breaks are essential to sane living at least.

The difference this time was before we would only eat at Smoke restaurant all the time --since it was super cheap. This time, we ate Aria's scalopini tenderloin three times, Gastoff breakfast every morning, sampled Zuzuni's tenderloin (so-so) and Le Soleil's really tasteless Crab in Spaghetti Sauce (advertised as "Singaporean Style").

What's my point? Life improves. What you thought you couldn't do before, now you can do. And so it will be in the future. So if you have a few cents in adsense income --rejoice-- with your hard work --that can be $100 soon and then $500/month and beyond - exceeding your $3000/month expenses. Just follow the directions I give out. Lots of people want to do it their way -- wrong policy --if you haven't done it before. Follow the guide into the jungle if you don't want to get lost.

Now, live a remarkable life (and stop paying attention to your fears - it's just a computer, it won't explode if you type on the keyboard)

Jomar Hilario

P.S. Follow the experienced guide into the forest if you don't want to get lost.

P.S. Questions? Go to for Q and A, club members go to the Club Forums. Not yet a club member? Be a member now and learn step by step using pictures!

Jomar Hilario

How can you (the pinoy) accept credit cards online?

Jomar's Offer

One of the biggest problem for Pinoy Online Sellers is accepting credit card payments. Most of the options out there involve shelling out a minimum of P 5000 plus submitting incorporation papers to big companies. In the last few months, I've been heavily researching a way to fix this so I can offer the solution to all who want it -- Pinoys who want to sell in the internet.

So I need your help, please take a look at this site I'm created a sales letter there and surrounded by RED TEXT is a small button that will (or may) allow you to purchase the item (Web Traffic Power Guides) using only a credit card - NOT PAYPAL.

It looks like this :
Use your credit card to purchase below:
(Button that says "Buy from 2CO") Inc. (Ohio, USA) is an authorized retailer for goods and services provided by Jomar Hilario.

To help me see if it works, please go to click on the "Buy from 2CO" and TELL ME the following:
1. Your country where you are clicking it from
2. The currency and amount displayed in the screen that appears.
3. It would help if you can send me a PRINT SCREEN of your image.
(Windows: Press printscreen on your keyboard,Open WORD, Press Control-V, Save it, Send/Attach the word file and send it to me)
(Mac: Press Command/Shift 4, open Pages, press Command-V, Save it, Attach the word file to an email and send it to me)

You should be seeing USD 33.95 as the price of the item. You may purchase it if you find it useful for your promotion tasks but that's optional, the important thing is that I see the CURRENCY being displayed to you after your press the (Buy From 2CO) button. If you can't find the button, please go to the very BOTTOM of the screen at

Once I get the solution to this problem, it's going to be the start of an even more remarkable life for all of us!

Thank you so much for helping, this may not be the last time I ask your help. We need to solve this.

Jomar Hilario

P.S. Go to web page, click on "Buy from 2CO", email me the currency and amount that you see. Thanks!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Marketing Mindset Hotseat event this September

News from Jomar

Great news! I'm scheduling the big big Marketing Mindset Hotseat event in September 2009. You must save up for it-if you want to absorb more than 40+ business books worth and P 400,000 worth of mentoring/training that we will impart to you in 8 hours/1 day.

Note: This is not a seminar.

This Mindset Hotseat event will feature YOU and US (yes, not just me) solving your sales/marketing/internet marketing problems ON STAGE and then you seeing other businesses problems solved /advised/counselled in front of your eyes - all day long!

The plan is -you'll step out of that event a changed person-ultra-marketing wise! This is the breakthrough you have been waiting for. Consider yourself advised -specially if you have a business (small or medium) or work in the marketing department of a big business.

The result is you'll begin to think like we do - a marketing mindset that can bring you to the next higher levels in your financial and life goals!

Yes, it's exciting and I think it hasn't been done before. I truly wish that all business-minded persons reading this will seriously consider attending this new Marketing Mindset Hotseat event. It's NOT A SEMINAR -but a way for us to help you realize YOUR POTENTIAL and your HIDDEN MARKETING ASSETS that are simply all around you - waiting to be tapped.

Note that I said we'll make you Realize it-we won't SAY IT, you'll just figure it out yourself -making a more powerful idea for you-because you came up with it on your own - just by watching us.

After this event, you'll understand why I always say...
Now, live a remarkable life!
Jomar Hilario

P.S. Decide on a considerable marketing education budget this September so you can be at the Marketing Mindset Hotseat event. The only event I know of like this was conducted in Singapore recently at an "affordable" P 60,000 per person. We'll make it more affordable but still full of value for you. Just wait for the official announcement.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Have a question for Jomar on Internet Marketing?

Do you have a question for Jomar on Internet Marketing?

Many people want to know more details about blogging and earning money online. My request is that if you're one of those, please DO NOT YM or email me the question (unless you're a Club member or my contracted client). Instead, please register to and post your question to the relevant FORUM in that site - it's free.

I want to be able to help other people get MY ANSWER to YOUR QUESTION -and not just you. This is to benefit ALL who have questions.

Of course if you're my contracted client, email is fine - this also applies to the Online Workshop Club members, though I always ask them to write down their questions in the Club website so more club members can benefit.

Now if you HAVE a question, I invite you to go to the FORUM section of -and help yourself to the free information given by ME and OTHERS who have a little more expertise in the topic. The stuff there are invaluable. - and FREE.

Of course if you want FULL DETAILED answers and STEP BY STEP graphical guides, you're looking for the Internet Marketing Workshop Club - the online club that contains even more than the live workshops. To join the club, just click here.

Now, YOU be remarkable!
Jomar Hilario

P.S. Questions for jomar must be sent to or lets meet in Cebu or Manila or CDO or Davao.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The SINGLE reason why you succeed in this business Inbox X Reply to all Forward Reply by chat Filter messages like this Print Add to Cont

by jomar hilario

i'm at home preparing for additional things that I've added to the July 3-4 workshop.

Yes, each workshop is unique that I actually do not strictly prepare canned speeches for each module. The examples vary and once something new online comes up-that gets incorporated into the lessons.

I've received a lot of good feedback from past attendees and facilitators and I'm still making that workshop a great experience for those who come there.

You know what's the funny thing about doing workshops for people in this topic? The most important challenge almost everybody has to overcome is not related to technology or marketing or the internet.

It's the reason why they do it. It - meaning earning extra from the internet.

Some people have a solid reason but they aren't moved to act on it asap. It reminds me of Screwtape Letters' (C.S. Lewis) where Screwtape, the senior devil advises his "padawan" to tell his human that "it's okay to delay to do good today-you'll come around to it, after all it's a good thing to do." I paraphrased it but that's the idea. Delay in doing good. Delay in moving to achieve your dreams. Delay because you're too busy. Delay --because there's time anyway, next year - may be in 3 or 4 seasons - you'll get around to it (Star Wars fans, did you catch that?).

So there you have it, do you want to be prepared to earn money -in any legal way possible - online or not? Then you must have a GREAT EXCUSE to do so. Most people don't have this excuse because we have too many metrics to satisfy - at work mostly - so there's no time to think about it.

So it turns out, it's up to the few of us who keep prodding people to act now, act now. Learn now, learn more and earn now! Such is life.

Now, live a remarkable life!
Jomar Hilario

P.S. No p.s. nothing to say here except ACT NOW to achieve your dreams!

1. Get a pad and create your life goals. A long list. Now.
2. Send a review of the workshop (if you've attended it) to to get ebooks
3. Avail of the Online Workshop Club now
4. Avail of the Live Workshop on July 31-August 1, email
5. Buy the Web Traffic Power Guides, created by Jomar to promote your sites at Multiply, Forums and Friendster + a large bonus guide:
6. Learn to promote and earn and get a reward for the effort at

Jomar Hilario

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