Thursday, February 16, 2012

What the Work at Home Seminar is NOT About

 Just sharing the letter of my mentor Jomar Hilario......

Not an MLM oppurtunity meeting. This is not networking. You're not
going to recruit any one or sell products.

2. Not a business oppurtunity meeting. You're not going to hear of ROI
and percentages. You're not going to invest in some business you have
only heard in one day.

3. Not a job fair. Job fairs are for employees. Virtual Assistants use
the internet for most anything, including "job hunts". However , most
wanna be virtual assistants can't land an online job precisely because
they do it wrong. In the seminar, you'll know how to do it right,

4. Not a boring seminar.  Like most people, you want to be entertained
while attending seminars. That's also my opinion. I too want to be
entertained during any event I attend -even serious business seminars.
 Seminars we conduct are never boring.  This is not a stand up
comedian event also, we do not use green jokes or any jokes for that
matter.  People just like to enjoy themselves in our events.

5. Not a hunger strike. We'll take care of both two snacks and your
lunch for you.

6. Not a hotel event where you have to dress nice. Our venue is a
resort like location in Manila. Come as you are. However the venue is
airconditioned so bring a light sweater if you are sensitive to cold.
You cannot, however swim, though there's a pool nearby. Our schedule
is packed so every moment we'll need your attention.

7. Not a scam. The seminar is rich with useful information, we do not
have a "one time" registration fee after the event. Only the seminar
fee. After the event, you can become a virtual assistant without
paying us anything more. The seminar is not "bitin". It has spawned
many work at home virtual assistants.

8. Not spoonfeeding. My other events are spoon-feeding- giving you
everything you need including what to click and where. The VA seminar
is not this. The seminar ends with a challenge and a list of things
for you to do.

9. You're not going to be left behind after the seminar. Every
participant will be invited to an exclusive Facebook Group of previous
participants who will be your emotional, virtual and technical support
team while you're working to get hired online.  I'm supposing you
haven't attended an event that takes care of it's participants this

10. It's not all about getting an online work only. It's about
success, it's about becoming a better person. It's about living a
marvelous life.

So now that you know what the How To Work From Home as a Virtual
Assistant is not about, reach for the mouse and click on this link: to DOWNLOAD the VA seminar so you can
experience it from the comfort of your own home.

But if you can be in Manila on Feb 18, this Saturday, click here and join us. BPI Deposits are welcome too, via BPI Savings Account/ 3216-3898-62 / Jose Mario R Hilario then fill up the details here: then email

Rate today until Friday is P 2975.  Walk-ins pay P 3975, so decide quickly if you want a better life or not.

Now live a marvelous life,
Jomar Hilario

P.S. It's not about "work", it's about getting more time for a better
life. Click here to join us ONLINE -- or LIVE --

Jomar Hilario

1408 Jade Tower, Rosewood Pointe,

Taguig City
Metro Manila, NCR

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