Saturday, July 18, 2009

Marketing Mindset Hotseat event this September

News from Jomar

Great news! I'm scheduling the big big Marketing Mindset Hotseat event in September 2009. You must save up for it-if you want to absorb more than 40+ business books worth and P 400,000 worth of mentoring/training that we will impart to you in 8 hours/1 day.

Note: This is not a seminar.

This Mindset Hotseat event will feature YOU and US (yes, not just me) solving your sales/marketing/internet marketing problems ON STAGE and then you seeing other businesses problems solved /advised/counselled in front of your eyes - all day long!

The plan is -you'll step out of that event a changed person-ultra-marketing wise! This is the breakthrough you have been waiting for. Consider yourself advised -specially if you have a business (small or medium) or work in the marketing department of a big business.

The result is you'll begin to think like we do - a marketing mindset that can bring you to the next higher levels in your financial and life goals!

Yes, it's exciting and I think it hasn't been done before. I truly wish that all business-minded persons reading this will seriously consider attending this new Marketing Mindset Hotseat event. It's NOT A SEMINAR -but a way for us to help you realize YOUR POTENTIAL and your HIDDEN MARKETING ASSETS that are simply all around you - waiting to be tapped.

Note that I said we'll make you Realize it-we won't SAY IT, you'll just figure it out yourself -making a more powerful idea for you-because you came up with it on your own - just by watching us.

After this event, you'll understand why I always say...
Now, live a remarkable life!
Jomar Hilario

P.S. Decide on a considerable marketing education budget this September so you can be at the Marketing Mindset Hotseat event. The only event I know of like this was conducted in Singapore recently at an "affordable" P 60,000 per person. We'll make it more affordable but still full of value for you. Just wait for the official announcement.

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