Thursday, August 7, 2008

Internet Marketing Workshop Schedule

On August 29 and 30, Jomar Hilario will give the Truly Rich Hands-On Internet Marketing Workshop. Why hands-on? By the end of the workshop, you will already have a working website that will start earning money for you.

Jomar Hilario is the young man who sold P2M worth of tickets for a concert—all done in 30 days—just by using email.

Have you always wanted someone to guide you step-by-step on how YOU can earn from the internet? Then your prayers are answered. On August 29 to 30, the Truly Rich Club is offering a two-day, hands-on, Truly Rich Internet Marketing Workshop.
You will get the following:
• Set up a system to earn US dollars online – semi passively.
• Duplicate this system so you can earn more – and faster – from your home!
• Set it up so you only need to maintain it for as less frequent as once a month!
• Set up another system to earn even more using client lists.
• Sell to your client lists using an online store.
• Collect money from your clients by giving them a service or a product (even if you don’t have one)
• Promote anything you do on the internet –and doing it “automatically”.
• And finally: Do all the above even if ALL you know is how to set up an email account!

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